Ecuador, January

Huaorani tribemen on the hunt. At this moment, you feel so stupid, with your heavy feet and your modern habits... It's frustating, to walk with this amazing guys, perfectly adapted to the wild, merging with nature all day long, when you, you fall all the ten feets and shackle for inoffensive snakes.

It's Bameno, where me and my friends rest after trekking days. Great place, with amazing people and giant spiders!!!

Humming bird eggs!!! I was astonished by this discover!!!

After a trek like that, I play on D&D with another vision about monsters! This freaky bird walking toward me and looking my chocolate with extremly nasty eyes!

Just a tree in the ecuador forest, you want to climb?

It's on the seaside of ecuador, I discover sea lions. No words can describe what I feel near this fabulous creatures.

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