The Dark Crystal

This is one of my favorite childhood movies; it's right up there with "Labyrinth" and "The Princess Bride." The plot in a nutshell: beautiful beings rule in a crystal castle until an arguement causes them to break the dark crystal which provides their power/balance. The beings are split into two: the evil Skeksis and the gentle Mystics. According to profecy, a member of the Gelfling race must repair the crystal in 1000 years as the three suns align so that the Mystics and Skeksis can again be one. The Skeksis tried to wipe out all Gelflings to protect themselves from the profecy. The only two Gelfling survivors, Jen and Kira, must find each other and heal the crystal before time runs out. All of the puppets are very well done. They are lifelike and fit the personalities of the characters. Unfortunately, this makes the evil characters quite frightening to children, myself included. There is a scene where the skeksis try to drain Kira's essence by making her stare into a reflector of light passed through the crystal. For years I was convinced that if I stared at my ceiling light, my essence would also be drained. (However, I also thought I could access Fraggle Rock through the back of my closet.) So, what I really mean to say is that the movie may be frightening to children. The score is wonderful. It's mystical, fantastical, and eerie....can't say enough about it. Well done, Trevor Jones.

Ecuador, January

Huaorani tribemen on the hunt. At this moment, you feel so stupid, with your heavy feet and your modern habits... It's frustating, to walk with this amazing guys, perfectly adapted to the wild, merging with nature all day long, when you, you fall all the ten feets and shackle for inoffensive snakes.

It's Bameno, where me and my friends rest after trekking days. Great place, with amazing people and giant spiders!!!

Humming bird eggs!!! I was astonished by this discover!!!

After a trek like that, I play on D&D with another vision about monsters! This freaky bird walking toward me and looking my chocolate with extremly nasty eyes!

Just a tree in the ecuador forest, you want to climb?

It's on the seaside of ecuador, I discover sea lions. No words can describe what I feel near this fabulous creatures.

Trinidad, Cuba... November.

It was great, and warmy! Cuba on november, a great instant, with many new people to discover, music for the soul and the body, great food and true glimpses of life. It was my second coming on this island, like the first one, I'm in love of people apparently poorer than us, but in fact near of a life they can appreciate. So, Trinidad is my holy ground.

Ghost town.

Igloo, South Dakota. Home of granpa and a place where I like to stay for few days. Silence in the streets, no people, no sounds. Truly a ghost town, and an important place for me.

Hoyt Lake, Minnesota

Hoyt Lake is a family heirloom, a place where we all met again for a picnic, to laugh and dance. The family is now scattered around the world, but I come here every year in early spring, to remind me, hope to find mine.

I am waiting for my loved ones ...


The mist is for me the element of ultimate terror, monsters can hide the truth of the world is hidden. The senses are muffled, and for me, the only feeling that remains is the anxiety ...

Gulls in the sky.

These are my best shots of a near hundred, surveilling the sky, the wind and this beautiful gulls who don't care of me! Beautiful birds in a blue sky, this is a simple but strong picture of freedom, beauty and peace. Three things I hope you discover this year.

Glacier National Park

Wonderful places, hard trek walking, and a goat. I love the cold air of this perfect site.

Wes & Wiera [a hundred shots]

Friends who are always here, for me, my sis, our family, our other friends.
God bless you, great friends.

The sea

My cooling place for thinking, not worried thinking, that's for my moments in town. In front of the sea, it's just cool thoughts.

When I walk in the wood ...

My heartbeats are slow, I breathe this vegetalized air, listening the wind, I walk in the wood.

Don't be shy, Me by Lo


behind this pictures of me, there is my sis', LO. She came to me with another idea of a naked shot, but I find this idea good and she tell to me that it's very inspirating. So we do that. I'm not a shy person, nudity doesn't scare me, but it's not so easy to me... Meanwhile, we offer this shots to you judgement!


After a young man named Ethan Daniels is thrown out of the bar in the town of Pennystown, he meets a mysterious naked and injured woman out on the street. He takes her to his home, and after he tries unsuccessfully to get information from her, they have intercourse. He leaves her in his house the next day to report the situation to the local police officer, but they return to find she has laid eggs that hatch into full-grown identical copies of her. The girls attack any other females they come across, forcing the townspeople to hide in a local farmhouse. The situation is complicated by a giant sperm-like monster in a cornfield and the discovery of an enormous reflective dome separating Pennystown from outside aid.

I'm not a great reader of comic books, I prefer a good graphic novel on one shot. But this one is a delightful title with a big story and a pretty good line and colors.

Different skies

For each second on each of the countries in the world, there is a different sky. This idea make me chilly, and I feel this multiplicity of skies like a gift of the high lord to our specie.

Frogs & Princes

I like this one, I was afraid by frogs, their ugly skin and tongue. But when I take this shot, I discover a quiet model, patient and finaly, not so ugly. Finaly, his cute, this little creepy!!!

Blue birds.

Here, two beautiful birds of a near extinct specie, in Michigan natural reserve. I love to watch about birds, for hours, and take only one shot, sometime none. Patience is for the wise, so I'm the wisest photographer of the east! lol!

Cannon beach, Oregon, at dawn. It was a chilly morning, and of course I forgot my wood shirt, but I was amazed by the dull light and the mood all around me.